Low-Carob Diet Be Careful About 6 Side Effects

Low-Carob Diet Be Careful About 6 Side Effects

Low-Carob Diet
Low-Carob Diet

Low-Carob Diet Be Careful About 6 Side Effects: Low-Carob Diet Be Careful About 6 Side Effects : The high fat diet (60-90%), adequate protein (6-30%) and very low carbohydrate (4-10%) diet or a low-karbadayeta kitojenika him to do. Such a diet mainly of children with epilepsy are advised. To those who want to lose weight, low-carbon diet has become quite popular in the last few years. There are certainly advantages, especially for mrgirogidera kitojenika diet. However, the low-carbon diet pustibijnanidera some side effects can be seen. Low-carbon diet 6 side effects will learn about this feature.

1. Gastrointestinal complications

Kitojenika diet is the most common side effects were seen in intestinal complications. 12-50% of people who diet kitojenika stomach complications, such as various types of diarrhea, vomiting, constipation and abdominal pain complained.

2. Kidney Stones
As a result, low-carbohydrate diet Believe it or not, increase the risk of kidney stones. Studies have shown that, following such a diet 20 in1 kitojenika children suffer from kidney stone problems. This kind of weight loss diet for those who follow them, and the same risk.

3. Liver failure

Kitojenika or as a result of low-carbon diet, rather than just a kidney stone does not create problems in the long run, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it can cause. The reason for the production of glucose in the liver to break down fats and proteins, and as a result a lot of pressure on the high level of ammonia are produced.

4. Electrolyte errors occur

Low-carbon diet causes loss of electrolyte, causing muscle pain and fatigue can be seen to suffer. If you plan to follow the low-carbon diet or nutritionist if supervised by an experienced Dietitian follow this diet, you can go to in order to avoid the side effects of this kind.

5. Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies

Those who adhere to a low-carbon diet for their body of calcium, magnesium and amino acid levels are low. Vitamin B-12 and vitamin D also suffer a deficit to be seen. Mombai’s Hospital Pediatric Nutrition therapist Dr. PD hinduja. S. Moon says the Lord, in patients who come to him, 2-5% of those who follow the diet kitojenika suffer from vitamin A deficit can be seen.

6. Cardiomyopathy

Diet is very rare due to kitojenika cardiomyopathy is seen as one of the potential side-effects. The disease affected heart muscle and ability to pump blood throughout the body, and the impact. If you follow this kind of diet for a long time kitojenika side effects can be seen.


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