One-Quarter Of Women Investors In The Stock Market

One-Quarter Of Women Investors In The Stock Market

One-Quarter Of Women Investors In The Stock Market
One-Quarter Of Women Investors In The Stock Market

One-Quarter Of Women Investors In The Stock Market: BO (Beneficiary Owners) nearly four years as the number of investors in the share of women increased by 1 million 68 thousand. As a result, the stock market has calculated the total amount of InvestorsĀ one-quarter of the women Investors.

At the end of the day on Tuesday, the share of active BO accounts was 19 lakh 55 thousand 736 seats. BO account holder of the number of women was 7 lakh 96 thousand 440. 21 lakh 48 thousand 44 seats and the number of male Investors. Or about 27 percent of the total Investors bajaerara as the one-quarter of women. Compared with male Investors again in contrast to the three men, including a woman Investors. As a percentage of about 37 percent.

The number of stock investors is calculated on the basis of BO accounts. BO account is mandatory if you want to trade the stock. If any investor interested in investing in the stock, as well as bank accounts separate BO account is open. This means that an investor is generally share a BO account. BO account and automatically saves the Central Depository Bangladesh Limited or CDBL.

According to the rules, an investor in the name of a brokerage house single and joint account can open a maximum of two BO. Thus, if an investor of 10 brokerage houses in the name of individual and collective 0. BO account can open a total of two. However, the company’s shares in the initial public offering IPO, including the name of the individual and collective BO account only two will get the chance to apply for an investor.
Bajarasanslista persons known to the investor’s share of the increase in BO accounts from the active presence of women has not increased very much. He went on to explain the cause of the people, usually women, many male members of their families in the name of investor transactions BO account was opened. Many large investors mother, sister, wife, daughter open a BO account and the transactions themselves. Despite the fact that the woman’s name as he led the men BO investors.

According to the multiple organizations, from 01 until 2015 BO accounts consistently on the basis of the share of women has increased the number of investors. 2013 in the space of one year from December 01 BO accounts in December, the number of women rose to 7 lakh 18 thousand to 90 thousand. One year ahead of the December 1 lakh 18 thousand 014 rose 8 lakh 36 thousand. It increased to 2015 at December 8 lakh 60 thousand.

016 women came in slightly reduced the number of BO accounts. December, 66 of the 2015 lower than in December rose 7 lakh 94 thousand 2016. At the end of the day, it rose slightly over 7 lakh 96 thousand.

Meanwhile, the country’s two stock exchanges increased investor women’s leadership and women has not increased very much. In some limited explore. At present the country as an independent director of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) board of directors is a woman, even though the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), and it does not exist. DSE has served as an independent director Monwara Hakim Ali. He was elected Vice-President of the Committee of the FBCCI.
Earlier, he served as director of the SEC Board of Directors and Managing Director of Modern Securities khujesta Noor-e-naharina. Asked, adequate facilities and the environment, despite the number of investors in the share of women is still very low. The majority have contributed just as quickly. He was responsible for the spirit of women.

Khujesta naharina said, two things are very important for stock investors. The first financial capability, second brain. There are many women in both countries, but they are not interested in the share market. However, the long-term stability in the market to increase women’s Investor former director of the SEC.
According to the SEC, its member brokerage houses (since dimiucuyalaijesanera Trading Rights Entitlement Certificate Holder or a trek known as) is responsible for the conduct of the 14 women.


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