Skin Cancer Symptoms And Remedies

Skin Cancer Symptoms And Remedies

skin cancer
skin cancer

What is Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is a type of malignant tumor, which is on the skin. All Open parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands, back, etc. are part of the typical cancer.

What are the symptoms of skin cancer?

1) Skin color: the skin occurs a combination of different colors, such as brown, black, red, white, blue, etc.
2) the surface of the skin: the skin may become scaly surface, and in many cases liquid discharges can be anything.
3) edima skin surfaces of the body or may arise emptiness oil.
4) such as unusual feelings of itching, irritation, etc.-can be felt burned.

Who is the more risk of cancer?

1) Outdoor Activities in whom most of the time are more likely to stay out of the house.
2) at least two or more family members if someone of this cancer.
3) whose hair is red or golden color.
4) whose skin is more sensitive or easily staining.
5) If a child extra in San burn.
6) the pitch, tar, mineral oil, etc. into contact with the work.

How is it diagnosed with skin cancer :
Skin cancer is the external part of the body is therefore the first thing to do is go to the doctor as soon as any symptoms. Symptoms experienced doctors are able to see and understand the biopsy of tissue from the tumor is suspected to cause cancer.

Skin cancer treatment:

1) Skin cancer is the most effective treatment is surgery to remove the cancer cells through surgery, because the best results are achieved.
2) chemotherapy: Skin cancer is also one of the treatment system.
3) Radiation therapy: the patients, surgery is not possible due to the weakness of their case, the alternative radio therapy. Radiation therapy to the normal tissues of the body in order to make sure that the damage is not rift.
4) fine invasive therapy: This traditional surgery and chemotherapy services to meet the deficit. This therapy to destroy cancer cells, as well as increasing the body’s immune system and back again to prevent cancer. The biggest advantage of it is free and any kind of surgery, complications are bleeding.

Skin cancer patients to eat what kind of food?

1) After the surgery the patient became very weak, and can reduce the body’s blood so that the blood in the body, helping to create foods such as fruits, Chinese dates, etc. will eat carrots.
2) radio therapy, due to the significant fluid from the body is reduced. Plenty of vegetables and fruits to fill the shortage, such as spinach, lettuce, Chinese nasapati ever, bananas, grapes, etc. to eat.
3) chemotherapy next meal: After chemotherapy, the body becomes very weak, because certain foods such as walnuts, nuts, mushrooms, barley, etc. to eat.

Skin Care System:
1) can not be fitted with sunshine.
Ii) as soon as any such symptoms should go to hospital for further examination.
3) skin cancer spreads very quickly because all the parts of the body such as the skin can not be seen easily behind the ear, skin, head, skin, etc. to be tested properly.

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